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You only get 15 seconds for YOUR resume to make a positive first impression! Below, you'll find free sample resume advice and free sample resumes that'll show you how!

Your resume is your very own 15-second advertisement that will either convince managers to interview you or to reject you. You only get 15 seconds to make a positive first impression - otherwise you don't have a chance!

Below are some helpful tips on writing resumes that will grab attention and land you interviews - as well as free sample resumes in three different formats, Chronological, Functional and Hybrid. To find the free sample resumes, just page down past the resume tips. To find other free sample resumes go to or and type in "free sample resumes" or "sample resumes" and you will find many other sources.

1. Have a winning format!
You'll notice in my free sample resumes below that I put my accomplishments right up at the top of the resume so managers can easily find them.

2. Show your expertise in a concise, key-word fashion!
Many managers look for specific key words on resumes. Determine what are the most important skills that you have for the job you want and put them right up at the front of the resume.

3. Objective!
Put quantifiable accomplishments and responsibilities. If you are the world's greatest salesperson then put statistics like achieved 80% year-over-year sales growth.

4. Position-Relevant!
Only put information on the resume that is relevant to the job opportunity at hand. Before you put anything on your resume, put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer and as the question "So what?" "Why should I, the interviewer, care?" If after doing so, you feel the information is relevant, then put it on your resume. If not, leave it out.

5. Highlight Education!
When writing your resume make sure to highlight any degrees you may have, like a Bachelors in English or a Masters in Finance. Even if you only have some college experience showing that you took some courses in a specific field can help strengthen your resume.

To learn other secrets on how to develop winning resumes, the book "10 Insider Secrets to a Winning Job Search" tells you specific ways to write resumes that will get you interviews! In that book, the author, Todd Bermont, outlines the five components every resume must have and the two elements to leave out of your resumes. He then shows you the three formats of resumes and provides you with 10 secrets that will get your resume noticed and get you interviews!

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For free resume templates, check out

For ideas on creating your own winning resumes, check out the following three free sample resumes.

Free Sample Resumes

Free Sample Resume 1 (Chronological Format)
Free Sample Resume 2 (Functional Format)
Free Sample Resume 3 (Hybrid Format)

If you have questions or would like feedback on writing your own resumes, check out Todd's award winning book 10 Insider Secrets to a Winning Job Search!

To find other free sample resumes go to or and type in "free sample resumes" or "sample resumes."

If you want more interactive, online experience, Todd Bermont's online job-hunting course 12 Steps to a Successful Job Search will show you exactly how to write winning resumes. As a part of the course, you can even ask Todd Bermont questions directly! Courses are offered every month for a nominal fee.

To find other free sample resumes go to or and type in "free sample resumes" or "sample resumes."


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