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What the Experts Say

"Excellent... Outstanding...The best job hunting book I have ever read!"
- Les Brown,
Author, Speaker, Radio and TV Celebrity


"...The most up-to-date tips & techniques you need to get the job you want...!"
- Brian Tracy,
Author, Speaker, Consultant

"There really are some great 'insider' tips. I used Todd's advice about writing resumes and cover letters, which made so much sense, but I'd never thought of before.

I got callbacks on almost every resume I sent out on the Internet – quite a feat, considering the hundreds of resumes companies get via e-mail.

I actually got a job offer the very first time out! If you are job hunting this is a must-read!"
    Polly Lemire
      Santa Rosa, CA

"After reading Todd Bermont's brilliant book, I was motivated to get the job of my dreams!

I am now making more money while doing something I enjoy.
Thank you Todd for helping me make it happen!

I highly recommend that anyone who aspires to do better in life
read this book."
    Pete Cialkowski
      Schererville, IN