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10 Insider Secrets to a Winning Job Search: Everything You Need to get the Job You Want in 24 Hours or Less!

Todd Bermont
Paperback: 216 Pages
ISBN: 1564147401
Publisher: Career Press
Customer Rating:
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List Price: $ 14.99
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Do you want to get a new job fast? Are you tired of being frustrated in your job search? Would you like to make more money? If so, take your 1st step and invest in "10 Insider Secrets to a Winning Job Search." This book gives you an easy-to-follow and complete roadmap to instant job-hunting success! You'll learn how to write resumes and cover letters that generate interest in 15 seconds or less! You'll learn how to answer the toughest interview questions. You'll even learn how to negotiate your job offers for more $$$! If you embrace this book, you WILL get the job you want - FAST! Don't waste another day... pick up your copy today!

Expedite Your JOB SEARCH!

Challenging times demand an innovative approach to your job search. In school, rarely do they ever teach you how to find a job, write winning resumes and cover letters... or how to ace a job interview. Even if you're fresh out of college and looking for entry level jobs, Todd Bermont, an expert in applying fundamental selling techniques to job hunting, is here to help you level the playing field in your job search!

Please feel free to page through this entire web site as you will find valuable free job-hunting advice, free job interviewing tips as well as free sample resumes and free sample cover letters. In addition, check out the "Courses" page where you will find information on Todd's exciting online job-hunting course he has developed that is available through over 2,200 colleges and universities across the globe.

Todd Bermont's books on job hunting, job interviewing and making career changes are among the most popular. His top-rated books and eBooks on job search, job interviewing and writing resumes and cover letters have helped thousands of people get the job they want fast in any economy!

Todd's books are available at Amazon.com, and Barnes&Noble.com.

Thank you for visiting 10 Insider Secrets... your home to job hunting success. Want to learn more... visit my blog titled: I Just Lost My Job Now What? . This blog has free job hunting advice and you can post questions. Check it out today.

"There really are some great 'insider' tips. I used Todd's advice about writing resumes and cover letters, which made so much sense, but I'd never thought of

I got callbacks on almost every resume I sent out on the Internet quite a feat, considering the hundreds of resumes companies get via e-mail.

I actually got a job offer the very first time out! If you are job hunting this is a must-read!
    Polly Lemire
      Santa Rosa, CA

"After reading Todd Bermont's brilliant book, I was motivated to get the job of my dreams!

I am now making more money while doing something I enjoy.
Thank you Todd for helping me make it happen!

I highly recommend that anyone who aspires to do better in life
read this book.
    Pete Cialkowski
      Schererville, IN

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